today i went back to Hotel and it looks like it should be something i expected from  Leo @ OUTERSPACE , like couple tee or a cap or something as gift you know..but.this… is like super huge, so i doubt was him but then when i opened… that all he gave me that afternoon, in … Continue reading

Cream & Croquette @ Taipei

Almost…everytime i go to Taipei i will make a trip to have Cream & Croquette, their food is quite my cup of tea (once in a while) spagehetti… this one call FRIED COKE Potatos…yeah…using COKE (like COCA-COLA) as one of the ingredients are actually quite popular in these kind of resturants in Taiwan… Curry Hamburger … Continue reading

LEO / JOE @ OUTERSPACE + Nikki 謝欣穎

its been raining since the second day in Taipei… Leo treated our crew to this sphagetti place (i forget to take photos because the meeting is fun and long so we just busy talking and eating…..sorry, no food photos in this one…) from left to right, me, Joe @ OUTERSPACE, Leo @ OUTERSPACE Leo also … Continue reading


its quite rare to see EAST DISTRICT in Taipei in such view… Nikke @ SOL (the girl in the middle) is a good cook ! (well she prepare everything for us while all the guys were watching movie….) Thanks everyone, its a very fun and relaxing night with all of the crews at SOL/SENSE ORGAN/DEEM … Continue reading