LEO / JOE @ OUTERSPACE + Nikki 謝欣穎

its been raining since the second day in Taipei…

Leo treated our crew to this sphagetti place (i forget to take photos because the meeting is fun and long so we just busy talking and eating…..sorry, no food photos in this one…)

from left to right, me, Joe @ OUTERSPACE, Leo @ OUTERSPACE

Leo also introduced Nikki (謝欣穎) to me, who is Nikki? i will prepare a longer and detailer post about her in a bit, stay tuned, she will be involved quite a lot of project with WRONGWROKS this year !

(for a sneek peek at our front page NOW, and she is also the 2007 金馬獎最佳女配角!)

she is really really hot and pretty in person !

2 Responses to “LEO / JOE @ OUTERSPACE + Nikki 謝欣穎”
  1. Wen says:

    Wow, Nice news~ Leo is very nice man, then Nikki is very popular model.:)

  2. wrn says:

    holi cow she’s hot XD
    i’d buy tees wif her on it hahaha

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