WRONGWROKS x W-Bedo @ SOL Taipei

Party night, opening at SOL !

Limited time store, will be held in SOL for 2-3 weeks from Jan5th…stay tuned and always check it out…

Limited Time Store @ SOL , a collabo with W-Bedo, brand new logo for this new production house & Brand…

there is only 5 boxes in the store, (sorry im writing this too late, i think by the time you guys read this, its sold out)

i don’t understand why everytime i have events in Taipei, its starting to rain…

Luckily,  there is people start lining up !

Filter017 is here early too…

guest and friends are coming in first to check out the event and some new stuff…just some social time you know…

peeps are starting to filled the space, checking out some photos, old ones, and some new photos that never showed in anywhere…

everyone is quite relaxing and chilling with each other, its more like a friends gathering with all the brands…

im kinda busy talking to everyone…

everyone is coming for me, really thanks guys !

from left to right :

another chance to meet up after REAL FAKE, enjoy and really thanks for coming everyone, i hope everyone has a great time !

and im bringing everyone (almost) to dinner after the party, thanks for helping out this time…. see you guys again in the collabo!

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