in 2009, we are bringing loads of surprises…first we got a ALL NEW original store in vancouver, (where next?) and we got a new die, new cut, new material for the WRKS mesh caps…

ours caps weren’t a big hit but we got lots of supporters and the only complaint is our caps “too low”, not high enough (in an asian way!) too narrow, not wide enough….just not so asian style overall !

we have started to invent a new die, style and materials since last year, and here we go, the new stuff that we are launching tomorrow will have all this new caps in it…and from now on, we will make it like this only  ! see is how you compare the caps, the black one is from the WRKS burger series, the white blank one is the new die, you can see its way higher and wider…more stiff and straight !

hope you guys like the new caps ! Thanks !

By the way, we still made our caps in VANCOUVER, we still care quality control over here !

One Response to “ALL NEW WRKS MESH CAPS”
  1. Alan says:

    Definitely looking forward to these new mesh caps.
    I have always been a fan of the SUBCREW mesh caps because of their quality/designs now I can’t wait for these new WRONGWROKS caps!

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