if u been reading my blog, i always come to California around Sept / Oct…so i never really have time to visit the Staples Center for any Lakers game…. this time i realized (JUST TODAY!) i had a chance to visit Lakers coz they are in the playoff and just done Game 1 on sat/sun…and im right. im able to catch the GAME 2 tonight ! ! !

crazy and fun !

its not so bad as i just got my tickets today  !

everyone got their jersey like BYNUM & BRYANT

game started !


and also got a chance to see the best cheer leader team – The Laker’s Girl !

and guess what , today is also Jack Nicholson‘s birthday ! WOW ! and he is like usual sitting on the bench supporting the LAKERS !

besides Kobe, i really don’t know the other players on the court (well, i knew about FISHER) but other than that, i really don’t know anyone else, because i don’t really watch anymore NBA now and just too busy to even track the game records or whatever…. (well since Kobe IS last decade’s last player) hahahahaha

One Response to “GAME 2”
  1. LBJ4mvp says:

    u lucky bastard… LOL it was a good game! =)

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