everytime i go L.A i will visit my old friend MARSEA GOLDBERG, the lady behind NEW IMAGE ART ! here is BARRY MCGEE….

a great show by Barry Mcgee & barry’s wife CLARE ROJAS

i really like the new portrait series did by CLARE,….. im lucky that i have bought some of her prints long while ago….(now is expensive…)

my favorite artist group , FAILE…(its very good price that she gave me  !!! but u know ! can’t spend too much now)


i almost bought this FAILE piece..its a box/drawer thingy and all printed and painted , very very cool…

another FAILE piece…

Marsea’s lovely assistant AMBER , check out the huge FAILE behind and of course DATE FAMERS’s OBAMA… (thas Huge)

looks like i bought the FAILE , but i didn’t, usually you hold something to take photos and if u look kinda like an idiot that means you can’t afford it but you really want it.

(not in this case)


Thanks MARSEA! and thanks amber for treating us nicely along !

i picked up something fresh ! AIKO (previous FAILE member) i have been looking around to pick up her work or print for awhile just didn’t really get a chance ….and i picked upone of her latest work on canvas !

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