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a project for the collectors of WRONGWROKS , called “BRAND LAME” .

Photo Shoot @ ECIAD

things been kinda PACKED…busy with lots of things,….and today we went to my former art school, ECIAD (Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design) for the coming new item’s photo shoot…. more fun and pops for the new photo shoot……stay tuned ! something more clean and different than before is gonna be in the coming … Continue reading


still hasn’t had chance to take some photos of the bloosom and today i drove by 49th and saw this ! i stopped and take photos from the sun roof… i really should take some photos this week !

Granville Island

taking a day off and visit Granville Island…its always good to go back to the island and walk around, we also bring MARI today =) i have spent 4 years in the island when i was in ECIAD for my degree and always check out the market for hand made arts and stuff….time passed really … Continue reading


not colonize, don’t worry BIG BANG FANS, but somehow there is lots of fake of WRONGWROKS made in Korea and selling on ebay. SO what is this time…lots of emails coming to my inbox regarding this EBAY FAKE WRONGWROKS t-shirts 1. Why is this cheap Ans : its fake 2. they got the same tag … Continue reading