ONLINE – 5.13.09

here u go, the fakes are all over the market, so we decided to do this one first. You thought we are not going to have this ? And we turned out to be the only guys who have this, only available in WRONGWROKS & SUPERBORED (for now) the legendary DORA-PAT, designed by MAYDAY’s Ahshin … Continue reading


finally received in the mail, have been waiting for 2 weeks…gosh… the BATMAN ANTHOLOGY with all 4 BATMAN movie since the 1st one… now needa spare some time everynight to finish them ! =)

Next in line : DoraPat

yes, the wait is OVER. Dorabob’s friend, DORAPAT , created by Ahshin & NO2GOOD. Tomorrow at SUPERBORED Store  & WRONGWROKS Online store, ONLY. EXCLUSIVE. Very Limited.


During bad economy, go less to the bank, but visit more at the gallery, coz its the right time to bring some art home =P will upload some photos when they are framed up, need to do some frame shopping … !