Khalil Concert Tee redeem : 5/23 SAT 1:00 PM @ SUPERBORED

so finally, these are all made and printed and packed in our vancouver studio.

we first had the design “KHALIL SOUL OUT” means like SOLD OUT, like u know its a concert t-shirt so we wanna make a pun that its cool and also funny, SOLD OUT, like SOUL out, like so enjoying the show as it would sold out,

But its just not so nice to say “KHALIL SO OUT”.

so Khalil saw this, he doesnt like it, he said, “nah, it sound like im so OUT” i dont’ want to be like that, so he want it to change back to his original “nickname”  – SOUL BOY, so we had this the night before they are printed changing into SOUL BOY.

the back is very nice as the sneak peek shown, and everyone wants it, i hope the front is cool enough too ?

super nice KHALIL SOUL BOY tote bag, not for sell, nor VIP, just for Khalil and “suprise” for our vip.

and some black tees…..stay tuned….

A N Y W A Y S …. here is the rules.

1. the free Khalil concert tee only available for those who bought the VIP tickets at CJ jewerllery store in parker place, and bring your tickets, receipt that you bought in CJ, (those who seated 168 or 268.00 only)

2. first come first serve, first 50 customer will able to get this tee, first come first serve , if you #20 and there is no small, then you have to take MEDIUM, no gurantee on SIZES.

3. NO exception for people who bought the ticket OUTSIDE CJ jewerlly but you can show up and if nobody else is picking up after the line up , you can show your tickets and redeem your shirt

4. ONE receipt, ONE ticket can only get ONE t-shirts.

5. These t-shirts are not for sale, even there are left overs at the end of the line up.

6. No bargains.

7. If you really want this, come and line up, we might surprise  you, but no guranntee.

8. Line up OUTSIDE the store, we open from 12:00 but we not giving out until 1:00 pm. so you can shop inside the store and pick up your tee from 1:00 pm.

9. VIP pass is not picked up in the store, its in CJ jewerlly.

10. please bring this to the signing section on June 6th and Khalil will sign it if you get the VIP PASS.

11. Tickets redeemer will receive 10% on seleted items in the store , on 5/23 ONLY.

12. (tips, we got 50 tees, but we have 250 V I P)

13. Good luck.

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