T-shirts Ranking 2008/2009

There is a site call “1T-shirt world” , its a site that from USA and they reported about new tees everyday from brands around the world…. check out their web……and they have a T-shirts ranking around the world !

This year, believe or not, im not too sure about the result but i don’t mind reporting this, we are selected as #1 , (even on top of bape, or alife or supreme, i really don’t think so, they are too good and always my fav. brand ALL TIME) but here you go, a site selected us as the most playful, creative and hottest model all time in the past year, i will not say we worth #1 but im happy there is such honor of us in such appreciation.

Thank you guys for continous support in the past 3 years and we will do better and better in the future.

令人振奮的消息出現了! 於專業T-Shirt 資訊網站”1tshirtsworld”中介紹的前102名短Tee 品牌出爐的首席冠軍得主就是來自於加拿大溫哥華的WRONGWROKS! 其作品由早期的翻玩麥當勞的”W” 字樣系列到小叮噹, Dorabob, 甚至他的好朋友Dorapat 都是富有新趣的設計典範. 另外再模特兒的選用上也每每造成轟動, 這也難怪1tshirtsworld 要給予如此高的肯定了.

第2到6名為: BAPE, Mishka, Stussy, Alien Workshop, Alife

Thanks OVERDOPE @ TAIWAN reporting this as well .

From 1SHIRTsworld :

What is the coolest streetwear on earth? It’s Wrongwroks clothing. Yes, Wrong Works! The cool t-shirts printed with the internationally recognized model Natalie sold out in no time once released.

You might wonder why Wrongwroks t-shirts are so hot while everything is so wrong there. The folks would tell you that wrong can be so right at times. The founder didn’t think to make tedious art style that emphasizes on details and perfection. He thought anyone can be great artist in this digital world. Hence, he wanted to be wrong because he had the extraordinary idea that mistakes are cool things, something which cannot be repeated.

You can print a perfect graphic on t-shirts of high quality, twice or more, but you can never make exact mistakes over and over. Wrong works are unique and original. This idea then became its soul.

3 Responses to “T-shirts Ranking 2008/2009”
  1. Jake says:

    Are you sure that is correct??

  2. calib says:

    yeahhh thats how i found u guys

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