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when i was in LA ‘s Bape store in april, i saw this music video playing in the store.

im like….thas AISA 愛紗 ? how come she is featuring in a bape video and singing for the bathing ape ?

anybody can tell me?

thas COOL!

3 Responses to “BAPE vs AISA 愛紗”
  1. chrishimself says:

    dont know but I saw the same video last year in the bape stores in HK and Shibuya aswell.. bought the low jack three cd they sold those there aswell what it has to do with bape I dont know.

  2. Teresa says:

    原來是受日本潮流教主NIGO (BAPE創辦人)之邀前往錄音,早在半年多前,
    在NIGO邀請下,愛紗和日本團體LOW JACK THREE就已合作了『Into The Mirror』原來是受日本潮流教主NIGO (BAPE創辦人)之邀前往錄音,早在半年多前,這支MV在全球二十多家BAPE店內都看得到

    got it from


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