Khalil Fong Vancouver Airport (方大同)

Khalil Fong (方大同) has early flights and really really tired…he said he didn’t really get a sleep on the flight nor at the hotel at all….well good to see you again Khalil….its actually the 3rd time im meeting Khalil, the first time was at the 903 LIVE back to april 2008, and then the last time was at mini concert in Taipei…finally, home town at Vancouver !

before we had to our car, he already got surrounded by lots of girls and got busy signing off books, cds, magazines…

they got lots of luggage with guitars and lots of other stuff….my car can just fit so many =(

arrived at the hotel and he really tired…. lucky its not too far from the airport… more to update !

One Response to “Khalil Fong Vancouver Airport (方大同)”
  1. Lucia says:

    awesome blogpost. i was there today as well and got to meet Khalil in person!
    poor guy, he must be tired though.
    Looking forward to the amazing concert tmr. thx for the pix!

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