This & That

too much this and that, so i decided to put up something i think it worths remembering when i read my blog later…we went to Ayoyama…(ops…) not yet,….here is the “WATERFALL” near granville island..

beautiful lofts in this aread, shop/living all blend into one thing around the condo/suite…

beautiful place remind me of Omotensando / Ayoyama in Tokyo…

Visvim Christo, the new colorway with brown + red stripes…

great food we had on sunday night at Subeezeee…… their fries are the best in town i suppose…hmmmmm

i bought a Mickey Mouse hat on ebay…..from the 90’s (u know how they made those chessy plastic crap and sell it in disney ? look how nice this is, its like a real mickey mouse head with vinyl, this is real gift to bring home, not those  fake foam piece of crap for 15.00) come on disney!

btw, i love this one haha.

another pair, yeah i received this in the mail from my buddy…a RED one….why not ?!

another pair of “too nice to wear” ….lol

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