besides TOUCH magazine in HK featuring our newest summer collection, we also got international fashion magazine NYLON.

In the newest issue , they talked about the new T-shirt books “PROTEST”, which talked about cool & fun t-shirts across the countries…and we got selected and also being one of the names that remembered by NYLON’s reporter…

“Protest t-shirts” gives us too many ideas.

New York Fashion Week is upon us, but that doesn’t mean it’s all about the runways.  In fact, lately our favorite style statements have come from homemade t-shirts, proclaiming everything from PEACE to WAR to DRUGS to BROWNIES (seriously).

That’s why we’re a bit obsessed with Protest T-Shirts, the new book by Eleanor Mathieson that champions “designs from the cult independents.”

Besides staples like fashion favorite Katherine Hamnett, there’s also shirts by graffiti collective Hans and Fras, Vancouver skate shop WRONGWROKS, and NYLON favorite Supreme.

The book is an exciting way to frame political consciousness, and no hipsters were harmed in the making of these shirts… not yet, anyway.

$29.95 at Powell’s

Enjoy ! ( i will post on the web with readable editions)

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