so, summer is here, (very obvious) so we need to do something obvious…. for example, putting out some polo shirt….this year we have made some fitted polo shirt….no more oversize or loose please…ok i know…we got this new series first time on polo,

the BOB WAX STAMP on fitted polo shirt, comes with Gold wax stamp on black polo or the Red Wax stamp on black / White polo shirt….comes in guy and girl sizes, guy with regular cutting while the girl ones are more slim and shorter sleeves ….

while putting out the newest style, we have also bringing back the popular ones…with red and green heart bob on all white pure polo shirts…

demonstrating with our fresh WRKS model Samantha… (see girl polos are very fitted and come in 2 sizes, girls Small and girls Medium)get the polos here.

what else can be more popular then Bob + Pat on the tee ?

it breaks the record, while this tees are available from tonight, we have this for sell in the store today and its all SOLD OUT in ONE day…. so be quick in the  online store..

Dora A to Z is putting out another 2 new design, we have “A” this time and…

“H” ! get this in the tee section as well…

another new WW cap with hot pink on royal / White on the mesh cap…

and another WW caps.…(another one? yeah coz they are soooo popular and looks very good on anyone…) all this release are online now…Enjoy !

One Response to “6. 18 SUMMER RELEASES”
  1. danielle says:

    how do i get one of those cute spongebob polos

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