This & That @ Tokyo

I knew that Louis Vuitton has some sort of exhibit going on in their Omotesendo flagship store…so we check it out… (well panda is not for sale) cannot miss cold udon in tokyo… beef don… fresh crab don…WOW SOFTBANK has changed their campaign to be some sort of idol, i have no idea what it … Continue reading

Tokyo Eating 1.0 : Whats “INSIDE” ?

so besides beef don, sushi, udon, lamen….anything…i wanna talk about something funny, (i think quite funny) …we decided to try something new, so we went to this place…(above)… its a place to eat like robata, yakitori….and we ordered some to try….this thing look like its got some bean sprout and veggie and they said its … Continue reading

Namie Amuro / Mari

what about Namie Amuro, coz she is everywhere….she hasn’t been so active for quite a long time and suddenly very active in….”Commericals” for…” Coke Zero” (my favourite) and … Coke Zero again…. Mcdonald, yeah ! besides the logo, nothing else remind you Mcdonald, not even the signature Red or Yellow, im surprise they are really … Continue reading

Oedo Onsen Monogatari

take short trip to Tokyo AGAIN (well yeah coz got business to do) plus i got very cheap tickets so just make it a separate trip before going to Hong Kong & Taipei… we took a short trip to the Oedo Onsen Monogatari….never been there, i know, i always shopping, shopping and shopping… we took … Continue reading