Tokyo Eating 1.0 : Whats “INSIDE” ?

so besides beef don, sushi, udon, lamen….anything…i wanna talk about something funny, (i think quite funny) …we decided to try something new, so we went to this place…(above)…

its a place to eat like robata, yakitori….and we ordered some to try….this thing look like its got some bean sprout and veggie and they said its come with “beef”….

so we cook around and its frying…and guess what…nothing is in there beside “bean sprout”, and then we check the menu again and it said, Beef with Veggies… and the price is 1470 yen per person but the “1” is really far away from the “4” (these guys have to really learn some english or typography) so anyways, its fine but we want to figure out what is beside “bean sprout” that we are ordering…

we : “excuse me, we thought this also comes with the beef…”

the waiter ” hmmmmm yes there is beef inside”

we : “where ?”

he point out one of these and then he continued ,

waiter : “this is beef”

me : ” This is Beef? ” (and then i pick it out and putting them together”

me : “This is not beef, which part is it ?”

waiter : “o, its inside” (at the same time he pointing his finger to his chest)

me : “inside? what is inside??” (i start to get frustrated)

waiter : “inside, beef inside…(he looked at me seems angry)

me : “what inside? which part is it ? i have never seen beef or meat like this (obviously its all FAT, we not paying to eat “bean sprout” & “FAT” )

waiter : “inside, here, (continue pointing his finger to himself)

me : “….”

can you believe it ? i guess thas why people always go to tokyo and still eating don, udon, fast food, crap but not going to these non-sense place and paying to eat “inside” and he pointing himself constantly

at the end, he offered to change to some “pork”, (something that we have seen and we have ate before, at least it look liked) after we speechlessly sitting for 5 mins…

3 Responses to “Tokyo Eating 1.0 : Whats “INSIDE” ?”
  1. chrishimself says:

    LOL inside haha yeah its his own fat from his inside 😀 ahaha

  2. Robin H says:


  3. Helen says:

    AHAHAH I “LOL”ed.

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