i can’t say im a BIG fan coz im not really following him all these years, but the first and also the last casette  is BAD back to 1988, i was a kid and i though his music was so cool ! all these years I didn’t really follow or liking him but he is … Continue reading

Tokyo 3.0

no, i didn’t do it ! LOL, its a billboard….come on, im going japan and all i upload (see) is food and shopping ? if thas the truth i must be lying, i saw some girls……billboard too… Taxi has become the only transporation when we go around in Tokyo…. nice view from Yoyogi… fresh grapes… … Continue reading

Tokyo Eating 2.0

Tokyo eating 2.0 , nonono…no more “inside”…. great food and great dinner…at great places… ice-cofffeee….my fav. at Tokyo… wait, don’t judge yet…..its not from ONE meal, its from few meals but this is me which from one of the greatest dinner we have in Tokyo !

CARBON 4 . Singapore

Carbon 4, a new name that you have to know, a new alliance of WRONGWROKS at singapore. Stay tuned.