Tokyo 3.0

no, i didn’t do it ! LOL, its a billboard….come on, im going japan and all i upload (see) is food and shopping ? if thas the truth i must be lying, i saw some girls……billboard too…

Taxi has become the only transporation when we go around in Tokyo….

nice view from Yoyogi…

fresh grapes…

hand made green tea ice-cream from a small tea house…

ok this is a real girl, not billboard….i just thought she looks very cute in this outfit…so i took a picture of her..

i didn’t get the high, i got the low ones..

Baskin Robbins have played some MAGIC marketing scheme in Shibuya, Tokyo store….they changed the logo and design of their classic interior, and of course, there is more that we didn;t know…but we know that they are making a fortune out of this campaign because the line up was never too short outside… (for BASKIN ROBBINS!)

because the CdG, i also bought the Undercover ones….its very cool…i was actually attracted by their design and the pattern and the “grey” that they picked and use….but the shoe’s cushion inside acutally collaborated with another shoes cushion maker company…to make it not just look cool but also very comfy.

very cute indeed !

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