Tokyo Eating 2.0

Tokyo eating 2.0 , nonono…no more “inside”…. great food and great dinner…at great places…

ice-cofffeee….my fav. at Tokyo…

wait, don’t judge yet…..its not from ONE meal, its from few meals but this is me which from one of the greatest dinner we have in Tokyo !

4 Responses to “Tokyo Eating 2.0”
  1. G says:

    I know this place/././ it’s watami! I had that salmon role and spring maki last nite… what u doin in tokyo and not call me….g

  2. Frictionpowered says:

    WANT ONE !!

  3. Frictionpowered says:

    Just want a t-shirt like yours !

  4. wrongwroks says:

    its going to be on shelf soonnnn

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