Colors in Tokyo

besides the bad, time to show some goods, colors, foods, DESSERTS….

these are all REAL, not toys, or fake display, u know japanese are good at making the real one looks fake and the fake one looks good, (food-wise)

hmmmm….soooooo good..

well, going in and taking whole bunch photos for the blog and not buying is cheap….and i love to buy some of those we actually love it haha…

what is this ? (below rolling down the page, guess…)

what? perfume ? guess again, what ?

can u tell ?


Its Fruit Vinegar , healthy stuff… usually you will see in Soy source bottle that look dumb and traditional, and yeah,,…boring…see how crazy is this? (if you don’t know what is fruit vinegar, then google it)

Packaging, packaging, and packaging, (chessy, yeah, its true tho)

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