besides food, what else is happening in Tokyo ? the BLACK project by CdG…

just like all the other Cdg store…(well to be very frank, i have been all (almost) the Cdg store in the world and only the one in Hong Kong is not, its just like regular store with white color….not a MAZE, usually looks like a MAZE, the one in Tokyo – Blue (sure it is), the one in Paris – Red (sure it is) , the one in NY- Green (IT IS) , the one in this small corner, the BLACK cdg, it is too. (Maze feel alike, huge high walls, narrow entrance along…)

some Cdg shirts..

nice project to keep another collection running….well..but what this is telling you too.. ? This project is in PARCO, shibuya & also in Iseten Main building in Shinjuku….(mainstream shopping center…)

Cdg “POCKETS”, what is that? a small “store” (already confirmed its not a limited time store, its a permanent store that build in PARCO PART 3….. and what is this telling you ?

what is so cool about Cdg before? its because they are high end, they are cool, they are in somewhere in Ayoyama and its so chic to go there and get it….(by all means, i still love CDG. no offence, just trying to identify the situation here….what is happening etc..) what happen now its becoming a “outlet” at PARCO… and everyone, like anybody can get Cdg, get their tee, their most popular Heart tee, the stripes, the shirts, the bags, the wallets, perfume..

all these happens coz one thing : Bad economy, let me tell you, its really really bad in Japan.

Sorry to say that but if you see nobody in Bathing Ape store, Neighbourhood & Supreme in Harajuku, and its so empty in the whole area….its kinda creepy. (yeah we are talking about the most fashionable district, where the most coolest stuff coming out….)

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