Nano Universe Headquarter Store

1-19-14 Jinnan Shibuya-ku Tokyo
150-0041 Japan

its a huge store with 4 floors….carry more American style clothing and lifestyle goods…

meeting 2 heads from Nano, Kyoko Maru (International Dept), Takaomi (Men’s Buyer)

discuss about our blanks , they are talking about their tees….we exchanging our ideas and thoughts..

launching at the day we came to the store… 3 colorways…

Hope you can get it in our webstore, no retailers have this yet, and even in the later days, only selected store gonna have this. stay tuned for your nearby retailers.

One Response to “WRKS @ NANO UNIVERSE”
  1. Big Hurt says:

    This is Big Hurt hittin u up from the MD in U.S son…I love your work. I will be hittin u up 4 some of your material soon. Keep doin it real big….when u get a chance hit my man up @ http://www.myspace.com/profit834 leave a post lemme no whacha think about the music…Holla

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