after the year sampling and checking, and production finally in the store. stay tuned for releasing date.


something i picked up in Bathing Ape, and this is what looping in SUPERBORED now , everyday !

JunYa Watanabe x PORTER

i know i have been hiding…ok im sharing one of the thing i really liked that i bought in Japan… so much good things and i really like this one but been thinking for few days and then i went to their concept store in Shinjuku and pick this up…its the JunYa Watanabe x PORTER … Continue reading

More from Japan

hmmm my fav. Takoyaki ! so many styles, see, japanese like limited edition, even the top left corner one… soooo good, this one (limited edition) is with tuna source and corn on top…. huge size at Mcdonald… i bought the previous version which is humping dog….this one is … SIT – UP MARI ! let … Continue reading


next. “C” for …. ?