Chet Lam

meet with Chet today at IFC… same old..with a cool cap and his newest coolest album… “its a journey that would never end.” happy to see you chet, and looking forward to the newest project in the fall…. if you love Chet, he is gonna have a China Tour in september (concerts tour around China) … Continue reading

Series Two

very soon. (with a pacakge!)

Visvim wallet

recently I rarely saw stuff that I like….. and then i saw this…. PURPLE, i love PURPLE lots these days……. expect PURPLE stuff lots in our next collection…. =) O, by the way, i picked up this PUple visvim wallet @ F.I.L 2 days ago..

Hong Kong style breakfast (FAT)

morning in Hong Kong, usually ordered a take out noodles and check email and watch the habour view and… its FAT. (once a while)

Mcdonald Grape Soda Sundae !

SO GOOD ! (SO FULL OMG!) hello kitty again !