Nikki Hsieh

had dinner with Nikki Hsieh @ Undercover she never been this noodle place inside UC and she really likes it… we have done some shooting in here… me and nikki and then we went to GREYONE ARSENAL they have this exhibition with YONE….Nikki is in the YONE’s exhibit too !


so i met another pretty girl, she looks familiar coz she is the model for STAY REAL… very sweet model…. she likes our WW mesh cap too !

more from TTF

a little embrass to sign something at STAY REAL’s booth coz our “common fans” caught me and i have to sign my YOKA Bear…. now need to do some advertising for STAY REAL, check out his huge “Little Mouse” figure… Mickey Huang 黃子佼 has came by and NO2GOOD 不二良was there too so we took a … Continue reading

WRKS x 老夫子 OMQ (Old Master Q) T-shirts

finally we can show all 3 of them…it will be in Toy Fest tomorrow in 老夫子 ‘s Booth.. and in SUPERBORED (yes, same time) but not yet online, im sorry ! but very soon, i promise….. =(