Autograph day @ TTF

today we have signing section at TTF with 老夫子

im not too busy coz most fans line up for 老夫子 ! haha (its a very normal situation coz compare to him im nothing !)

one of a few fans that line up for me…

YAYA & Siu Moo from STAY REAL is visiting our booth and doing some shopping !

after the autograph session the stage, i had another one at ADFUNURE with my Yoka Toy..

this little girl seems very interested in my “head”

and guess who came to our store !?! mr. OMQ ! he wanted to get a big yoka bear…

i think i never thought about taking photos with Master Q when i was a kid reading his comics everyday…and now he is in my booth buying my designed figure and we took a photo together !

thas pretty crazy

i think its not too appropriate but he insists that i should signed for him…

he is happy !

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