Zevs Graffiti in Hong Kong

Im not sure if you have heard about this, its not NEWS , its kinda old but i want to blog about this so my peeps actually read about this as well….

Zevs, a famed graffiti artist, famous for doing cooperate logo dripping…Mcdonald, Chanel, Louis Vuitton…and he was in hong kong and doing a huge CHANEL logo outside the Georgio Armani store (in Landmark central) , and end up get caught and Armani is going to sue him and he has to pay 6.7 million dollars (HKD) for what he has done on the wall of Armani…

its not normal to read about this but then hey if they want to sue you then i guess its not “abnormal”…

he has been doing this everywhere and first time in Hong Kong… i think nothing really wrong except that he is doing a CHANEL logo on Armani’s wall…he should has done a CHANEL LOGO OUTSIDE CHANEL or at least a ARMANI logo at the same spot…

but u know, CHINA is not easy on FRENCH “ARTIST”. Because of what they did at the Christies, rememeber?

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