8.11 new releases of WRONGWROKS today…we have…PERCY FAN featuring our newest collections on the webstore and local retailers..

beside the original colorways, beside the A to Z, we have something more….what about hand silkscreen polka dots dora on white/black tees ?

as we mentioned this before, we have this in black and white color tees, the MAO-SAIC photo tee.

GC change tee in black and white colorways….

so sexy on PERCY…

In fall 2005, we printed the first Blue dora by the traditional silkscreen, today, in august 2009, we have made that happen again, this time comes in BLACK TEE TOO ! (it never printed on a black tee !) comes in either black and white tee color and it also comes in a set, (with the DORA BLUE phone strap and sticker as a set) yes, so you pick the color of the tee, size and it comes with the phone strap + sticker

we have a set of Dora phone strap with 6 colors too ! check out in ACCESSORIES

cute !

we have made this back to 2007, in 8 colorways, and limited to 200 sets, sales in COLETTE, TAIWAN TOY SHOW, ATMOS, anywhere you named it, it was all sold out in few months, we decided to put this up again in 6 colorways with 2 new colors, (RGB RED & Turcuiose) ENJOY! (each individual dora comes in its own phonestrap)


the last one we launched out is the pink/black WW mesh cas…enjoy it all in the ONLINE STORE.

One Response to “8.11 – NEW RELEASES”
  1. Kalok says:

    just wanted to say that i bought the spongebob & patrick doraemon tee…


    I’m originally from HK so when I get a chance to visit HK again, i will definitly check some retailers there to check ur TEES!

    Much love from Holland!

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