8.23 New Release

besides the sneak peek of the “V” Dora with black squares pattern, we also launched the Gold Foil “W” mesh caps

we also have that styles in white shirt and the GOLD FOIL SUPERBORED logo on b/w mesh caps

brown one is classy….

“B” series with 3 different plaid patterns….the classic original IVORY pattern…

multi color plaid patterns…

and pink ones…all of them available in black and white tees…

black polka dots dora is CRAZY when we launch it in store or online, we have to put out the red dots dora coz the black ones are almost all gone !

the long awaited “WW” black flocking on all black mesh caps….(store sold out the first batch today)


available in b/w styles too….this is all the updated in this batch ! check them out at our webstore

One Response to “8.23 New Release”
  1. Jenn says:

    hey i love your designs~~ i went to hk this year and got some of your products. i was wondering if you are considering bringing some wrongwroks to toronto.

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