free shipping, means you don’t pay any shipping. Here is how it works.

let say you buy a tee for 35.00, shipping is 10.00, you usually pay 35 + 10 = 45.00

now you only pay 35.00, because shipping is free.

(well, i just tried and they still charge me 10.00 on top ?)

yes, when you spend over 300.00 USD in ONE shopping bill, we will refund your shipping (ALL) to your account in 48 hours.


only when stock last and ends in a week,…. wait ?

waiting for what when you don’t have to worry about the shipping cost ?

4 Responses to “FREE SHIPPING”
  1. jetnz says:

    Woo~ realy?
    how about shipping fees to Malaysia? free too?

  2. jake says:

    So…Its only free shipping on 300 and over?

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