all of you guys been waiting for …..stay tuned.


i know its COVER album 可啦思刻 (CLASSIC) ..but i still listening to his last one… “ORANGE MOON” still rocks… Think back in 2009, there is still nothing can compare to ORANGE MOON….H3M is alright but not as long lasting as Khalil’s Orange Moon…. is that it in 2009 ?

Guu is GUUUD

looooooong time didn’t come to GUU on robson, coz its always packed and long awaited line up… Tuna tataki… fried shrimp…. okonomiyaki i forget what this call drinks…. scallop… GUU IS GUUUD (if we don’t have to wait so long)


shiba meets up….. a great event in vancouver, i heard it happens every month but i never really attend… but now still not too late to know about this…its too much fun to see nearly a hundred shiba running around in an enclosed area… MARI is here…! with some new friends this guy is about … Continue reading