shiba meets up….. a great event in vancouver, i heard it happens every month but i never really attend…

but now still not too late to know about this…its too much fun to see nearly a hundred shiba running around in an enclosed area…

MARI is here…!

with some new friends

this guy is about 6 years old and pretty grumpy about anything, he bit some other shiba and he got caught,…

this guy been sitting like this for quite awhile. not sure why…


this girl call STELLA, she seems fun and playful and very cute,but she is the one who bit someone’s ear for like 5 secs. the other dog was just trying to drink water…(she is bossy !)


baby, 17 weeks, but he is not easy to deal with…..bossy guy

having fun !

spending time with shiba’s are so much fun !

cranky sometimes…

they usually very friendly to human…

not to their own breeds….haha..

One Response to “SHIBA MEETS UP !”
  1. Dee says:

    so glad you guys went! Mari is in shock…he thought there was only one of him in this world! He looks really young compared to the others! Hope you can bring him out there more often!

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