so the new release is LATE, and is the longest time we haven’t put up anything…well due to many reasons, and you will know we are not slacking off or just taking a break….anyways…more to revealed later..just stay tuned and follow our blog…. this time we got a variety of things on the webstore…including this the “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN FABRIC TOTE” ….

the WRKS x SHADOWGRAPH SHORTS that we have revealed few days ago.,, its online now with 2 colorways, check it out here for details of this project…

we have couple caps online including this W series with the gold on bw style and also…

and the all black flocking “W” on all black mesh caps…

and of course cannot miss the original colorway…. check all the caps at the CAP section

for tees, we don’t have much in this release but we haven’t put out a photo tee for long time, we have a new series “NIKKI HSIEH” which titled after her name and with her lifestyle photos self-snap by herselves…and..

mona lisa ripped off on black tee for the longest time….check them both out at the TEES section…


to make everyone happy, we have the PRINTS NO SHIPPING DEAL until the 25th. (next friday) and make sure you grab whatever u want, we will refund the shipping charges on the prints !

the wait is over for the entire RED P®LKAD©TS collection including the Red backpack with better quality , printing , stronger strap, now able to carry laptop, school, books, anything ! and continue for the water proof mission…

the new series we have decided not to do the tote bag but we put out another surprise! the red polkadots traveller messenger ! with lots of inside and outside comparments, which allow u to carry and seprate all the “little things” like keys, phone, mp3, book, notbook, laptop, netbook, psp,…..you named it….

pouch….for the greatest price and design, comes in a better clip at the back, no more flipping or broken clip!

the last excited item is the RED P®LKAD©TS WIND BREAKER ! comesin 5 sizes, including the XS for the girls with better quality, thicker, nicer fits, sleeves, we put in a lower price.

for the RED POLKADOTS series, with the POUCH / JACKET / BACKPACK / MESSENGER we have lower the prices (from today 9/15 – 9/25) so grab your chances and get the best deal !

check all the bags in the ACCESSORIES section


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