its been awhile that we didn’t put out any DODO photo tee….but the WRKS POP CAN 100% ZERO TASTE series is getting lots of noise and people seem really like it, (except the fact that people need to buy a set with the CAN image tee…) its very cute…yet with our POP CAN series and … Continue reading


so this look familiar, i know. But, look again on the surface , its metalic, its shiny and reflective in a way that its soooo 3-dimensional, popping out…. we are gonna a new series of t-shirts which with photos, graphics, logos all in this new material, Metalic Printing. Including the long sold out NAT BUBBLE … Continue reading

FEVER 熱血 x WRONGWROKS 4th Anni. Project VOL. 3

another project , another exclusive for Taiwan / Canada. FEVER x WRONGWROKS = SUPERBORED 熱血 x 無聊