Few days ago we finally “officially” meeting up with AES crew.

we had dinner first at very cool / yummy Taiwanese resturant (as usual) with cool people and cool food, it always happen during my Taiwan stay….(me / SEAN – Manager of AES / Sean’s buddy from REMIX – another cool brand from Taiwan)

and then we had to their OFFICE and also their store front, AES TAIPEI

Huge logo at the store front. (i like this neon sign as much as my SUPERBORED one haha)

very cool DAFT PUNK display

me and SEAN @ the door.

i will say this is one of the most pleasant meet up and dinner with AES crew (STAY REAL’s treat is always the best !! ) and stay tuned for the releasing date in Vancouver.


AES @ BRAG GARDEN , coming soon 2010.

1711 Fir. Street.
Vancouver, BC

One Response to “AES – ALIEN EVOLUTION STUDIO by 小鬼”
  1. kellysun says:

    wow~ cool AES store lei ~
    last time i went to Taiwan had met 小鬼
    at 東區,he was really nice to me N my boyfriend,
    n also he invite us to go his store for visiting~ hahaaaa
    but we can’t found for a long time n giveup finally -_-

    this is a very nice site which i can search for da taiwan brand n also wrongworks things~ i love ur site !!
    im kelly.

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