Today we had to come to OUTERSPACE store @ XI MEN DING. didn’t see BANG‘s crew for the longest time…. everyone is busy preparing the questions and photoshoot photoshoot in the storefront… i do want to see how it looks before they published…HA (left to right) Little Young, Little Milk and the store manager of … Continue reading


hmmmm…(we got one full order for each of us) haha pork fried rice ha

AES Triangle Hoody

AES‘s Triangle Hoody ! All over print triangles is my favourite zipup… with a little logo embriodery on the chest… and some at the back… Thanks Sean and Alien for the nice hoody again !

this & that @ Taipei

what is this ? this is very extreme, i m not sure if they are gonna get lots of clients but they do get lots of “snapshots”. ah shin is everywhere….. haha ….侯佩岑 is very sweet… finally officially made by doraemon himself haha this is expert at selling BELTS… hahaha.. one of the thing we … Continue reading