GF-1 with elmarit m leica 28mm

new combo, with my GF-1 matching the Leica M Elmarit 28mm F2.8 next post show u some cool samples with this combination…. =)


About a month ago, a lady called me on my cell phone and asked me lots of question about the PIXELATED MAO. The main focus she wanna get from me is “Will you consider making Baby Tees ?” , i said no, coz its not really our market “yet”… and she really want me to … Continue reading


MERRY XMAS ! and what we offer for this Xmas ? (remember last year’s NAT IN THE BOX And FREE SHIPPING ?) This year we have deals for you first time, we got … 1. FREE SHIPPING with purchase $150.00 to NORTH AMERICA (shipping will refunded within 24 hours purchases) 2. FREE SHIPPING with purchase … Continue reading

12/21 New Release

New release right before Xmas ! what do u expect ? we got the Fever x WRKS tee in 2 styles….. ! WRKS x Fever ‘s “Peekaboo Boring Brain Open Tee”….. (thas really Boring haha) and also our new model JOJO featuring Dora writing the word “boring” and it turns out to be a maze … Continue reading