About a month ago, a lady called me on my cell phone and asked me lots of question about the PIXELATED MAO.

The main focus she wanna get from me is “Will you consider making Baby Tees ?” , i said no, coz its not really our market “yet”…

and she really want me to do one for the kids….and she told me she is doing a press for the holiday special feature for the NATIONAL POST CANADA. She wanna do a list of 10 best selected items for the holiday which is under $20.00.

and I did made it happen at the end.

Ten gifts under $20

“Art is always a delicate gift. My sister would set fire to a Damien Hirst. On a t-shirt, however, Robert Rauschenberg’s your uncle! Tony Wong of Super-bored on 4th Avenue in Vancouver turns out this updated version of the eternal portrait of the father of Chinese communism. It makes a smashing cotton top for kidlets and the vinyl image almost serves as its own bib! Almost. Pixi-Mao also comes in adult sizes.

z $20 kid’s sizes, 1701 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, (604) 873-2293, “

3 Responses to “WRKS Feat. @ NATIONAL POST CANADA”
  1. Andy says:

    So why did you make the baby tee at the end??

  2. Andy says:

    was these on sale on the webstore?

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