Recent New Toys

recent toys that i bought during the trip to ASIA, shot with my recent toys GF-1 with the Elmarit 28mm lens combo…(with the Elefoto Japanese Mount)

O….this is the HF x Disney , the black flocking winnie the pooh

Fragment’s logo at the back…

top view….(see how sharp it is, check out the flocking hairy part along the body and also the bluryness of the leaf on top)

the LAST ORGY 2 made by BATHING APE & UNDERCOVER….HONGKONG NOWHERE EXCLUSIVE…its been on the shelf for awhile and i always hoping to get it but then its too expensive in those re-sell store…and when i visit HK’s NOWHERE, they got the last pair ! (mysize too !)

im not sure if im going to wear this…it looks good on the shelf and on my feet….hmmmm tempting..

well and of course i did get a pair of the PIANO 2, the Nike x Phantaci collab….i will say this is really the shoes of the year from NIKE….

i have been searching this pair of SERRA for suppppper long time…this lavender colorway just drive everyone nuts…

so sick

and i picked up this special Mickey from a random store in Taipei…HA !

and this long awaited Magic mouse, i will say its the most hard to get Mouse ever …. (ops this is taken by my iphone…)

and my GF-1.

One Response to “Recent New Toys”
  1. robin says:

    wow the serra!!
    and the magic mouse!

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