More from Tokyo

hot ads in JR stations.. crazy detailed desserts….one of the great things to “look” and “eat” in Japan….beautiful desserts.. Undercover‘s new store in Ayoyama ! we were kind of hungry at Omotesando Hills and we ran into this resturant…Kurkku3. they basically had just one menu, this noodles with meat or without ! haha and sweat … Continue reading

謝安琪 2009

thanks KAY ( 謝安琪 ) for the new year gift, and this is a very very good canto-pop album in 2009. It happens in the last month ! 2009, its a very very harsh year for Kay…today i wake up 6 in the morning in Tokyo and i read something about Kay so i wanna … Continue reading

Jan Home Made / Udon

Udon time ! how can udon be so delicious ! and i bought my first thing in Tokyo…..the Mickey Mouse Disney Jan Home Made watch.. HA, i really like it coz i wore it during my subway time haha…


another trip to Tokyo…u know my time to shop hhahahahaa… this time we took lots and lots of train like JR and the all other subways just to try out the entire system…u can see how complicated this is on each column…they are all going to different direction, either exit to the street levels or … Continue reading