Having Fun

addicted to this “pushing” toy game…. as u guys might already knew…im quite good at playing this things… without playing too long or spending lot of money, i did clean up half of the machine ! (i need to stop or i might not able to walk out u know…..)

Sushi, Final Fantasy & Fish man

traditional….sushi wheel… full set of Final Fnatasy pops …. (i bought one and it tasted like SPRITE) HAHA

Past<Future : Namie Amuro

i dont know why everytime im in Tokyo, Namie Amuro has a new album ad at this location… and its very attracting. beautiful covers!


Bape X Undercover Bape skull sta the only map you can see this crazy directory is the AYOYAMA metro station . . . all star… my last folk has been my all time “walkable” to Hong Kong, LA, Taipei, Tokyo….time to have another one, coz its been ruined out ! (you know these days its … Continue reading

Waffles and….Waffles..

a store plainly just selling WAFFLES….yes…anything with WAFFLES…i can’t believe it ! eat with plain ones with green tea flavour inside… or with Green Tea flavour and red bean macha !


its sad, bad economy knocked down lots and lots of business and some great spot, Bape Cafe has closed down. ( i heard that there is no futher plan for re-opening)


this trip , not just for fun, we do bring back something to vancouver….stay tuned for this very very cute and incredible camerea in Vancouver, we are gonna be exclusive for this !

What else in Tokyo

bought my 2nd pair of Mercibeaucoup’ shoes…cute.. colorful blazer relaunched in NSW to some weird places that we never thought of… our new fav. “handy” dessert… play some “gameS”.. i did bring my “M8” my fav.  hot drink during my stay… weird basketball court under Tokyo Tower.. revisit in 15 years ! experienced the rush … Continue reading