Nike opened another on in the Harajuku area….this one is a hugeeeee one ! weird colorways but fresh ! i believed some of you guys have seen this pic in hypebeast or somewhere else. crazy….

anpanman museum @ Yokohama

take the Yokohama train from shibuya and we get to the Shin-takashima…. the destination, Yokohama ANPANMAN museum ( i don’t agree that this is for children…) my fav. from the entire family – DokinChan ! our future…….i hope not i buy ALL OF THEM… (i wish i can) wowoowowow nice DokinChan bags and pouches… so … Continue reading

Tomato / Daikanyama

went to Daikanyama and got nothing to eat..(just kidding) and we went to this nice resturant which only feat. TOMATO (not my fav.) so we ordered ….of course… TOMATO… (yeah just by himself and with some veggie beside) let me tell you this is not cheap. and until you cut it down with the knife, … Continue reading

some more…

i thought they don’t make it anymore….and i found it ! SO GOOD ! these all look so REAL…omg… when u walked into DEAN & DELUCA, you have hard time either walked out or pick anything because you seem want to get all of them….this is packaging for TEA. since i have this new “jacket” … Continue reading

Leather Factory Roberu & Monogram : Camera accessories from JAPAN

today we went to a special studio, camera accessories & production shop – MONOGRAM Monogram is a store that carry full line of Leather Factory Roberu ‘s product…. Leather Factory Roberu made the best hand made camera strap, leather, washed, string (like this one) very nice from small compact camerea to big camera like NIKON, … Continue reading

some more from Tokyo

more yummy dessert …. i can’t eat so many…. WA ! more shopping, another cute sneakers from Mercibeaucoup…merci merci… i got caught in JR…