Leather Factory Roberu & Monogram : Camera accessories from JAPAN

today we went to a special studio, camera accessories & production shop – MONOGRAM

Monogram is a store that carry full line of Leather Factory Roberu ‘s product…. Leather Factory Roberu made the best hand made camera strap, leather, washed, string (like this one) very nice from small compact camerea to big camera like NIKON, M8, Cannon…..all hand made in japan, very nice and great craftmanship accessories..

the camera accessories from MONOGRAM is all carved and stamped MONOGRAM on it…very special and personalized….

persinalized, the one you gonna see in your hand probably … “WRONGWROKS” on the strap ? (secrets!)

beside the nice craftmenship products, we have this POCKET DIGITAL CAMERA, something made and designed by MONOGRAM, a small mini digital camera like lomo, and u can take 4 kinds of photos and videos….

can shoot 4 styles of photos and videos out of a small box, u can’t believe it, even myself ! until i try it…its magic! (can insert 2G micro sd card too)

we will have this camera soon at BRAG GARDEN (Canada Exclusive Store)

during the meeting i have a nice chicken salad…beautiful…and yum

i immediately put it onto my Leica M8…

me and Yujin in the meeting and talking about how to do better and fitted accessories for the user in vancouver !

Yujin is very well treated us and he speak very good english, thanks for the well treat and hope to see you soon (in Vancouver) !?!

and all this nice strap and accessories soon at BRAG GARDEN.

special leather case (all hand made original real leather) for EP-1

who else has all these nice items outeside Japan ?

SILLY THING’s store has it exclusively in HK.

柴灣的THINK SILLY STORE是我們的喜好寫照,店內出售的商品也是我們希望能介紹給各位的有趣發現,某程度上店子跟THINK-SILLY.COM的內容方向是一脈相承。相信各位讀者大概也會知道,相機是我們眾人必備的隨身物,我們亦開始於世界各地搜羅有趣的相機配件給各位,今天為各位介紹的是日本的ROBERU。

這個來自東京目黑區的皮革工房,一系列相機配件也是我們員工十分留意的CAMERA ACCESSORIES,當中很多也是市面上較少見。 尤其是上圖出現的布繩,是我十分喜歡的款式。除了一系列的ROBERU ORIGINALS,我們還特別向ROBERU要求製作了LUMIX GF1專用皮包,希望各位相機用家也能抽空到THINK SILLY STORE試試看。

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