yes, i know im late again…its been very very busy…and you guys will know later on…lots and lots preparation….anyways..here is the new FAKE FUNCTIONAL WW ZIPUPS…

comes in black and grey, we got ANNA back to model for us for the up coming catalogues..

we got Dodo featuring the GOLD 4th anniversary wrongwroks necklace medal

Jojo featuring the silver medal…

WRONGWROKS LOGO pure white / black keychain and necklace…

both style has keychain and necklace, we didn’t make a lot so be quick, we not sure how popular this thing will go as u know we never really made lots on “LOGO” merchandise…

(but you know what, the WRONGWROKS LOGO METALIC mesh cap and tees have been a great seller since its launched.)

a suprise well a photo tee has turned into a COMIC STRIP style, hope you guys like it featuring DODO again within the comic strip style.

and we have this made just for sell (small quantity) online and only available in SUPERBORED, VANCOUVER store, sorry all WRONGWROKS retailers / distributors will not have this one available. please get this online.

Peeka-Bat set necklace, comes in a big and small, set of 2.

SUPERBORED bracelet…girls sizes S/m/L

SUPERBORED necklace… few left (just some stock left from store so i pull it online so don’t sleep on too late)

and the last one is the WRONGWROKS x FEVER TEE that they made only available in Taiwan, we got some to spare online.

ALL ONLINE NOW ! sorry again for the late, and hope you guys enjoy this launch.


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