after the celebration of the SUPERBORED 1st anniversary, we have loads and loads of project kicking off this year…..its just has to be launching it slowly and one by one…. and let me tell you, its all so fresh and new this year, not just  a cap or a tee and print something different.

Together with the ROBERU LEATHER FACTORY FROM YOKOHAMA, JAPAN (日本-橫濱). we are proud to be the 2nd retailer in the world (beside Japan) to have this premium camera accessories for our “toy”. SILLY THING STORE (HONG KONG) is the first one to have these very high end camera accessories in ASIA and we are the first one to have this in NORTH AMERICA.

we have came together with a special photo print tee set came with the “premium” camera wearing with the ROBERU’s camera strap (2 style – Leather & Rope) and this tee can only be purchased on WRONGWROKS WEBSTORE or BRAG GARDEN (VANCOUVER), its either FREE with the camera accessories (leather or Long Rope straps) or you can purchase this by itself.

a special interview and feature @ SILLYTHING.

their studio @ YOKOHAMA, JAPAN.

Roberu has made lots of special and really really  nice accessories for our Leica M8/M3/M9 , even Olmypus EP-1 , Lumix GF-1, or even your SLR camera, all these strap and accessories are made for all this special and neat camera toy.

not just the big and medium cameras, your thought about having your GR / SONY using this nice camera straps ?

Leather strap comes in different colorways, all real leather material with Burgundy red-ish leather strap, shinny black, dark brown like a chocolate colorways..

owner / designer of ROBERU – MR. ShinJi Iwamoto.

nice strap with golden words engraved on the shoulder pad.

fashionable item with your EP-1.

rope design which very soft but still strong that it fits well on girls (guys too lol)

With the market for customized camera accessories increasing, Japanese company Roberu does a great job in offering something different in comparison to the usual array of nylon creations. Emphasizing the need for natural material choices and handmade designs, the company offers a new selection of leather goods for Winter 2009. Amongst the many selections are tailor-made camera straps and holders, created with dyed calf leather and trimmed with 60% man-made silk and 40% linen to give an authentic touch and appearance. (photo of HYPEBEAST)


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