MAY 7th! ARGGGGGGH still 2 months to go !!!


so before the mailbox gone over the limit, i better anounced about this T-shirt, its gonna be online in 24 hours…(its already in SUPERBORED btw) and of course with the signature YELLOW (crowd lu edition , LOL ) ! and also black words on white tee (i didn’t take that photo) anyways, the new release … Continue reading

盧廣仲 ‘s Concert Picture framed up

so i  printed some huge photographs for 盧廣仲 to sign it and i actually made some frames for it… i like the monotone photos the best, each is about 14 x 18 inches framed up…. OH YEAH! 盧廣仲 acutally told me that, its his FIRST TIME wearing long pants on the stage, and its NEVER … Continue reading