Bathroom Vol.1 : “Towel” Records !

trying to share more about myself….rather than what i have bought or eat…hahaha…what about what i used in my bathroom ? 1. Originalfake towel. 2. Bape Pink Camo face towel. 3. Base Control Hand towel.


point and shoot with my GF-1 . no photoshop. i shot that in the elevator…. =P MARI DRESS UP AND GO OUT !


too bad, i can’t join the (mcdonald birthday) party with you guys KAY, but anyways, happy (belated) birthday!


陀飛輪 歌手:陳奕迅 作曲:Vincent Chow 填詞:黃偉文 編曲:Gary Tong 過去十八歲 沒戴錶 不過有時間 夠我 沒有後顧 野性貪玩 霎眼廿七歲 時日無多 方不敢偷懶 宏願縱未了 奮鬥總不太晚 然後突然今秋 望望身邊 應該有 已盡有 我的美酒 跑車 相機 金錶 也 講究 直到世間 個個也妒忌 仍不怎麼富有 用我尚有 換我沒有 其實已 用盡所擁有 曾付出 幾多心跳 來換取 一堆堆 的發票 人值得 命中減少幾秒 多買一隻錶 秒速 捉得緊了 而皮膚竟偷偷鬆了 為何用到盡了 至知哪樣緊要 勞力是 無止境 活 著多好 不需要 靠物證 也不以高薪 … Continue reading


we need models ! email us your photo !


向世界出發 final episode.

Target Dora

classic with classic, soon !

Eason Chan陳奕迅 Time Flies

finally, i have a new cd to add to my “CD PLAYER” in my car and also my itunes. The newest album from EASON CHAN 陳奕迅  “Time Flies” and to be honest, my canto pop play list only have this following playlist looping along… 1. KAY TSE “SLOWNESS” 2. CROWD LU ” 7 days” 3. … Continue reading


i have my M8 with the Red Leather Roberu camera strap… its very nice and neat, the feeling of using the original leather strap for a nice camera is precious ! unfortunately, we already sold out (at this moment, we have 1 black 1 brown left, everything else has sold out) so if you ordered … Continue reading


i was at english bay today and i saw this while im driving…..i can’t believe it so i park my car and went up and taking some photos of this giant sculpture…. each about 10 feet high…this is incredible… this is crazy….this worth a million dollar isn’t it? im assuming somone is planning how to … Continue reading