“Live” silkscreen print of FAKE WRONGWROKS TEE @ 士林夜市 night market

i was at 士林夜市 night market the other night , and i can’t believe i actually saw this. (you see it?!)

they are doing LIVE silkscreen print of my t-shirts ! SO ARTFUL ! live printing my design (the SUMMIT 3rd anniversary NAT photo print tee) on white shirt and you pick the color and they will print it for u immediately. by hand ! with SILKSCREEN !!!

i know why there is no retailers in Taiwan carrying our stuff now, they do it LIVE !!!

5 Responses to ““Live” silkscreen print of FAKE WRONGWROKS TEE @ 士林夜市 night market”
  1. mmmmmic says:

    the only thing catching my eyes were 絕對無力 …lol
    while browsing thru ur blog, im in tw at the moment actually.
    i’ll say hi to you if i bump into you accidently in taipei lol

  2. Terry Ng says:

    You know you’ve made it big when your stuff start showing up in night markets! :p

    Did you confront them?

  3. andy says:

    nice its like wrongwroks ID something like the NIKEid.com i guess.

  4. usagi1210 says:

    it will be funny if you were wearing the real one in front of him, hahaha~ and tell him “i’m the designer. No, you have to pay me 50% of your income!”

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