Last day @ Taipei / Macaroone

last day @ Taipei saw these beautiful Macarone…but its quite expensive….well…we still tried a box of 6 favor….=P (its super good! it might even better than the one in Tokyo !) last day @ Taipei, i know im going to start miss Taipei when im packing my luggage…. this view of east district….everyday i think … Continue reading


Dinner with Outerspace ….this is LEO , the director and founder of OUTERSPACE , FEVER and CIRCUS. Joe (right) Designer and Director of FEVER ! 熱血 , we gonna have lots and lots of projects this year and planning….very excited !! its always happy to hang out with this cool people and plan about the … Continue reading

FUNSWANT : 大牙 & Apple

放肆玩‧潮品誌Vol.23- POP SEXY 消費性感 & 闖 天堂Breaking Into Heaven 5月5日 全台灣 各大便利商店.各大書局 性感販售中!!! 封面人物: 大牙 & Apple Girl & Woman不只一種可能 螢光幕前豢養著的明星就像迅速被世人所接受的POP ART,背負著必須流行而可被消費的命運。這些光鮮亮麗的外在底下,一舉一動無法逃避觀賞窺視的眼睛、人云亦云的嘴巴…她們,就像赤裸在大眾面前的美麗娛樂。 而被刻板印象在制服裡的黑澀會美眉…則今天將反世人一軍,一夕之間要變成尤物!! (I AGREE !)


i met with KEA , my best buddy in Taipei before i left Taipei…. his new label by STAY REAL. the designer and director behind CROXXBONES, a new line by STAY REAL. a very dark label by STAY REAL …. created with premium quality and designs… KEA is good at that ! CROXXBONES , gifts … Continue reading